By Sharon Rodgers

My theme as the President of GBBR is “Creating a Healthy Marketplace”, that includes being safe. As REALTORS® we tend to put all our attention on our clients, getting the deal & getting it done. That is honorable, however we need to be safe in our work habits. Put our safety first and then you are able to concentrate on getting the task done. I have asked Brokers & Managers to spend a few minutes of their sales meetings discussing safety in and outside the office. Some suggestions:

  • Always meet your potential client in the office for the first time, when others are there as well. Never at a house for a showing.
  • Tag up with a colleague, spouse or friend when holding Open Houses and Brokers Opens
  • Share ways to do your job safely
  • (My Favorite) ***Empower you to make safer decisions***

I have created a Safety Taskforce at GBBR and we are currently in the process of having a CE certified class available for all our members. I would hope that as soon as it is available, each of you will be there. Take care & have a great day!! Sharon McKenna