By Steven Pedersen
Lately we have inspected homes for first-time homebuyer clients that will be too small for their needs. These buyers have the idea that the house – “once we move in” – can somehow be expanded either by add-ons, or internal renovation, or even by a digout of the existing foundation footprint.   Needless to say, these buyers are headed for keen disappointment after the sale.

And as we know, empty houses look spacious, but fill up quickly!

Agents, why do we keep encountering such notions among novice buyers? Yes, we all know that “anything” – additions, internal adjustments, and footprint extensions of all types – is “technically possible”.  But, for essentially all but highest-end buyers, such expansion dreams are economically impossible.

As a home inspector, I have had the task of counseling buyers about these things myself – sometimes in the face of Agent objection. It is very difficult to bring a novice buyer down to economic reality once they have had their unrealistic expectations nurtured by the Agent.

Agents, probe your novice buyer until you find out what his space needs REALLY are – and if they need a bigger home, then show them a bigger home, rather than indulge their unrealistic expectations by showing them something too small!


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