By Deizshel Setzer

The key to any great relationship is being reliable and dependable. Theere are not many things in life that are certain.  There are somethings that should never waiver -trust, honesty and integrity.  I am uniquely different as my inbreed heritage realizes that exceptional service is a requirement.  To provide weekly updates is a requirement.  To be honest and upfront even in difficult times is a requirement. If you believe in customer delight, closing in 30 days purchases, rehabs in 45 days using a credit score of 640 or above. The time frames estimated and may vary based your client individualized circumstances.  We can do FHA with a credit score of only 580 and VA with a 540 however the time frame for closing will vary.   I have many lending options that are custom designed like a well -tailored suit for your specific customers.

Did I mention that we offer a credit enhancement program to bring your low credit score borrowers up to lending standards.  In most cases it is usually within 90 days.

When you come across someone who is interested in buying their first home, feel comfortable calling me immediately. Thank you!