By Robert Curtin

Agents and Brokers;  If you have rental units in the City of Baltimore that you are managing,  selling or renting for your clients; Beginning August 1st, (tomorrow), the City of Baltimore requires ALL rental units to be inspected by Licensed Home Inspectors and file the new inspection forms( the forms were just issued today) in addition to lead paint inspections. This program is similar to, but a bit more extensive than, the Baltimore County rental property inspections, it also requires that an inspector be specifically on the City of Baltimore’ s list of verified inspectors, the new inspections are required to be completed and filed with the City by next January 1st, 2019, in order to be a legal rental property for 2019. This applies to ANY property type used as a rental within the entire city limits of Baltimore.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule inspections so your clients are not caught in a year end rush unexpectedly.


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