Don’t Be the Prey: 5 Ways to Stay Safe in the Field

By: Jay Thompson


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Here Are Some Simple Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Risk and Exposure to the Real Evil That Walks Among Us

How to Reduce Your Risk of Being a Target

Here are five simple things you can do to reduce your risk:

  1. Never work alone / always meet in a public place. Always meet new clients in your office when you know other people will be around. If not your office, decide on another public place where you know you won’t be alone. Avoid situations where you are alone with strangers. We teach this to three-year-olds, and seem to forget it at some point.
  2. Confirm Identification (ID). Brokers should implement a policy requiring ID check for new clients. No exceptions.
  3. Don’t Seem too Eager. Stop being a “pop tart agent’ who eagerly drives to the boonies to show anyone and everyone a home. No transaction is worth dying for.
  4. Download a safety app. Forwarn, Homesnap Pro, and SafeTrek are just a few safety apps to choose from. With all the options, it should be easy to find the best one out there for you.
  5. Practice Situational Awareness. I can’t stress enough how important it is to shift your mindset so that you are always aware of your surroundings.

By keeping safety awareness front and center and top of mind, we can all work together to enjoy a prosperous and safe new year.