Evans Nakia Fall 2021 1Nakia Evans, GBBR 2022 President, shares leadership vision for the coming year

Strength. Courage. Knowledge. Confidence. Forgiveness. Relationships. Service. Self-care. Diversity. Ethics. Professionalism.
Gratitude. What does it take to be a leader in our industry?
Grace, confidence, forgiveness and gratitude and edification.

Pull all these components together, and we extract this mantra:
“Collaboration and Community: Moving Forward Together”, which is the theme for our leadership plan this coming year. Now is the time of collaboration and getting back out into the Greater Baltimore communities and everywhere else we are needed, including throughout the state of Maryland, with the support of the Maryland REALTORS® association’s and the National Association of REALTORS®’ resources. We will collaborate to help our members understand the benefits of being a REALTOR® member. We will help the public understand that we are here to help protect property rights and help them make decisions that impact their future.

Let’s talk – Diversity, equity and inclusion.
REAL diversity, equity and inclusion. We will show it this year, moving forward together.
Diversity: We are all different and we respect it.
Equity: We should all be treated equal and we will demand it.
Inclusion: We ALL need to collaborate and join forces to get to the finish line for our clients, the community and to the next level of REAL diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry.
You will be proud of Baltimore this year and in the future!

As your elected President for 2022, I’m going to start our year off with two things in mind:
1. “When you get to a certain level in life, you only want to pour back into people.”
2. “Never take off your boxing gloves.”
While building my career, I have learned that sometimes you’ll need to fight for others who haven’t had a chance to learn how to fight, or they don’t have the strength or know how to use their voice yet. The reason that I am still standing, is the power of my voice and the recognition of when it’s time to call for help. I have to confess that I quit this job (and it’s really volunteer work) 18 times and each time, I had to lace up those gloves again and fight through the battle. But I’ve never forgotten the need to serve the people and community that has so richly poured into me, and now I’m poised to do so like never before.

We all need each other. Now more than ever, as we regroup after almost two years of uncertainty and challenges brought on by the pandemic. Thankfully, our local real estate market has persevered and flourished in the wake of folks spending more time at home and finding innovative ways to work and serve.

Looking forward, I’m excited to share with you a few particular initiatives that I feel will really benefit our GBBR members: A Leadership Academy Bootcamp, where our Board of Directors will hand pick three potential leaders and invite them to an exclusive, one day event hosted by our leadership team, very similar to the Maryland REALTORS®’ Leadership Academy, from which I graduated in the Class of 2019. This will be a day where the attendees will learn leadership skills and obtain just a taste of what the full academy entails… and it will help us to identify and prepare the future leaders of our association!

Additionally, we will be working to host a Speed Networking Event with another local real estate board; I’ve already reached out to the Howard County Association of REALTORS® to share ideas and talk logistics. For our organization as a whole, we will be elevating the marketing and media facets that we use to entice our members to participate in events and advocacy, via a special task force that will be coordinating topics that meet our strategic plan.

We have so much to look forward to in 2022, and I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as President of such a valued organization, and to work with so many talented individuals who each bring a new perspective and skill set to the table. So let’s get moving! 2022… Collaboration and Community: Moving Forward Together!

With Best Regards and Enthusiasm,

Nakia Evans
2022 GBBR President