SentriLock is going completely cardless on March 31, 2024, so from that point on, ONLY the SentriKey™ Real Estate electronic app will be used to access lockboxes.  [Note that older boxes will still continue to work and can be accessed through the app.  However, battery changes, ownership transfers, etc. will not be available for non-Bluetooth versions.]

Therefore, Mid-Atlantic Realty Services, Inc. (MARS) and SentriLock are offering members a discounted trade-in program.  Upgrade any old version of a lockbox by trading it in for a new SentriGuard® lockbox, discounted by 15% to $110.

If you wish to participate in this limited-time trade-in event, this is how it will work:

1.) Send a trade-in request by email to MARS Inc. (click here) listing: your name, phone number, email address and the serial number for each lockbox you want to trade-in for the purchase of discounted SentriGuard® lockboxes.  YOU MUST EMAIL YOUR REQUEST TO MARS BETWEEN FEBRUARY 15 – MARCH 15, 2024.

2.) Upon receipt of your request, MARS will confirm that you own the lockboxes and will send your information to GBBR so your trade-in/pick-up appointment can be scheduled.  This visit will be by appointment only at GBBR’s office; no walk-ins.

3.) Once GBBR receives your confirmed information from MARS, we will then notify you by  email to establish a mutually agreeable appointment time, for trade-in of your old boxes and to pick-up and pay for your new boxes.  To reiterate, your visit will be by appointment only at GBBR’s office; no walk-ins.  Please allow 7 – 10 business days to receive the appointment email from GBBR, as the timing is dependent on the processing of requests at MARS.

4.) When you visit GBBR for your trade-in/pick-up appointment, you must bring the lockboxes you wish to swap – the ones that match the serial numbers you originally emailed to MARS — as well as a full payment for the new lockboxes ($110 for EACH box).

NOTE:  this trade-in event is available for GBBR Members only.  The old boxes will be recycled.