GBBR Charitable Foundation Initiatives

To celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2018, the Foundation has been running a Capital Campaign to raise awareness about our Foundation and our initiatives as well as to raise funds to help support those initiatives and to support new charities and causes as situations and circumstances arise. Below are some examples of their recent contributions to notable programs in the Baltimore area.

  • College Bound
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Adopt A Classroom
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Pets on Wheels
  • New Greenmount West Community Association
  • Barclay Street Park
  • Jubilee Baltimore
  • Mana House
  • Playground at Stadium Place
  • West Virginia REALTOR® Association
  • Ellicott City Relief Fund
  • Baltimore City Mentorship Program
  • Malone Family
  • Live Baltimore
  • Empower410
  • Family of Sargent Bruce A. Prothero

College Bound 

The GBBR Charitable Foundation has partnered with the College Bound Foundation and has awarded a total of six, 4-year, $5,000 scholarships totaling $120,000. The Foundation chose its first two students to receive scholarships during the summer of 2016. These scholarships are both need and merit based and are specific to students in the Baltimore City/Baltimore County area. They feel that by giving students the opportunity to attend college, they will develop the skills necessary to better themselves and their future. Our hope is that they will return to Baltimore to give back to their communities when they are finished with their education.

Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake

The GBBR Charitable Foundation is renewing its partnership with Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake.  They feel that this is another great opportunity for the Foundation to make a positive impact on Baltimore’s neighborhoods and communities. Families that take part in the Habitat program help their own communities by committing to 250-350 sweat equity hours as well as learning about financing their home and home ownership and maintenance. Including the families in the rebuild process and providing them with the knowledge to be responsible and proud homeowners not only helps individual families, but it also helps Baltimore communities as a whole. They want to help “give a hand up” to qualified and deserving Baltimore City residents to help them achieve the dream of home ownership.


Many of Baltimore City and County schools are challenged and do not receive the materials needed for teachers to successfully teach their students. Today, 91% of teachers buy supplies for their classrooms, spending more than $600 of their own money each year. They are helping Adopt-A-Classroom take some of that burden away from teachers. GBBR’s Foundation has awarded dozens of teachers in Baltimore area schools with $500 each to purchase some of the supplies they need to help children love learning and succeed every day!