When you join a local board or association of REALTORS® (association) you will be also joining the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the Maryland REALTORS® (MR). To join any association the key requirements are:

  • Your broker must be a member of that association.
  • You will need to complete a three-hour Code of Ethics course within 90 days of joining the association.
  • You will need to complete a New Member Orientation within 90 days of joining the association

As a member of the Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS® (GBBR) you will eligible to receive the shareholder discount with Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc. (MRIS®) a Bright MLS, the local multiple list service (MLS). You could also gain access to SentriLock, the electronic smart card and lockbox system.

How to Join GBBR?

Membership Process:

  1. Obtain the current application. To find the application that suits your situation visit Join GBBR, contact GBBR at 410-337-7200, or ask your broker, manager, or office assistant.
  2. Complete the application. You may complete and submit your application either by email (submit button on the third page of the electronic application), by fax to 410-337-2138, or mailing it to GBBR Membership Department, 1954 Greenspring Drive, Suite 100, Timonium, MD 21093. The membership fees may be submitted by credit card, check, money order, or cash. GBBR accepts Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Payments can be made online, in person, or via mail or fax.
  3. Wait to hear from GBBR. Within two business days from the day we receive your application you will receive an acceptance notification, to the e-mail address you provided. Included in the email you will receive:
    • National REALTOR® Database System (NRDS) ID, also known as NAR ID
    • New Member Orientation Date (You will have 90 days from the date of the e-mail to pay your dues and attend a new member orientation)
    • SentriLock Information to obtain a SentriLock electronic keycard.
  4. Update your online profile. Login to your Member Dashboard to update your member profile. The information included in your profile is searchable by the public and other GBBR members. Be sure to select your Language (if you speak multiple languages), upload your photo, and include a brief bio.  Keep in mind that only GBBR staff can update the business information portion of your profile. To update this information please complete and submit the Member Status Update Form.
  5. Attend the New Member Orientation. During the New Member Orientation you will learn more about GBBR, MR, NAR, MRIS, SentriLock, RPAC, opportunities to network and upcoming events.
  6. Attend the Ethics & Predatory Lending CE Class either at GBBR, register here, or take it through the GBBR Online CE PortalKeep in mind you have 90 days from the date of receiving the acceptance email to complete the Ethics & Predatory Lending CE requirement.

NOTE: To be considered a member in “good standing”, an active member, new members must pay the dues in full, attend a New Member Orientation, and Ethics & Predatory Lending CE course within 90 days of date the acceptance notification email was sent. If you have not completed your orientation within 90 days, GBBR will notify SentriLock and MRIS of incomplete membership status which will suspend access to SentriLock and result in a loss of the MRIS Sharholder Discount, $100 discount per quarter.

How to Obtain My SentriLock Card?

The SentriLock smart card and lockbox services are administered through the Mid-Atlantic Realty Services, Inc. (MARS).  The MARS service region consists of Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County, and Howard County. It takes approximately two (2) business days after you have paid your dues in full and received the e-mailed acceptance notification to become eligible for a SentriLock account. SentriLock fees are prorated on a quarterly basis and will renew on March 4 every year. The annual fee is $215.00 and a $50.00 activation fee is assessed for first time cards. Your SentriLock smart card must be obtained from your primary association. The SentriLock system is used in all Maryland counties with the exception of Cecil County, and reciprocity must be optained through MARS to use the card in Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester counties.

SentriLock Smart Card Process:

  1. E-mail your information. Send a copy of your photo ID, real estate license (pocket cards are accepted), SentriLock Smart Card Authorized User Agreement, and a recent head-shot or photo of you to Cheryl Alexander, GBBR SentriLock Service Specialist. Be certain to include either your name and/or NRDS number in the subject line. SentriLock information, forms, and training can be found in the GBBR Library.
  2. Wait to hear from GBBR. Cheryl Alexander will schedule and notify you of her next available appointment.  To be eligible to obtain a smart card you must have paid GBBR dues in full or be an active GBBR member.
  3. Attend your scheduled appointment. During your appointment you will be asked to pay the SentriLock fee (SentriLock does not accept cash), receive your SentriLock Smart Card, and go through a short tutorial. If for some reason you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please call GBBR to reschedule. If you fail to cancel or reschedule prior to your scheduled appointment, there will be a no-show fee assessed. Please remember that if you have not completed the new member orientation and Ethics & Predatory Lending course requirements within 90 days of the date the GBBR acceptance notification emial was sent, your SentriLock services will be suspended until both requirements have been completed.

Other SentriLock information:

Lockboxes can be purchased from GBBR during business hours. You must have a SentriLock smart card to take ownership of the SentriLock lockbox. New lockboxes are available at GBBR for $110.00 including taxes. Occasionally, GBBR receives an inventory of refurbished lockboxes that will be sold for $69.00 including taxes. Please remember that we cannot accept cash for lockbox purchases.

Replacement cards now require that your photo be uploaded to your SentriLock account prior to contacting GBBR. No replacement cards can be issued without a photo.Call ahead to have your card replaced before you come to the office. If your card has been deemed defective by SentriLock or your card is damaged, you will need to call GBBR to find out when your replacement card will be available for pickup. Replacement cards are typically printed and ready the same day you call. Please remember that we cannot accept cash for replacement cards.

How to get the MRIS® a Bright MLS Shareholder’s Discount?

After you have submitted your application and paid your GBBR membership dues in full, you can join MRIS® a Bright MLS at the shareholder discount rate. You can obtain MRIS membership information from their website at new.mris.com.  You will need to enter your NRDS number into the application to receive the discount. Your NRDS number is provided in the application acceptance email you received from GBBR. Please remember that if you have not completed the orientation requirement within 90 days of submitting your application that GBBR will notify MRIS a Bright MLS of your incomplete membership status. This will remove the shareholder discount from your quarterly renewal. 

Continuing Education (C.E)

To renew your license, the Maryland Real Estate Commission (MREC) requires you have completed a total of 15 credit hours of CE every two (2) years. A full breakdown of the MREC license renewal requirements can be found by clicking on the CE Requirements link under the Quick Links section of the GBBR website. If you want to see which classes you have taken for the current renewal period, click Check My CE link also found under the Quick Links section.

Mandatory Topics  

  • Topic A – Federal, State, & Local Issues (Legislative Update)
  • Topic C – Fair Housing
  • Topic D – Ethics & Predatory Lending
  • Topic H – MREC Agency
  • Topic I – Brokers Supervision (brokers and team leaders only)


  • Topic B – Antitrust Law
  • Topic E – Disclosure
  • Topic F – Professional Enhancement
  • Topic G – Technology Relating to Real Estate Brokerage