Your RPAC Dollars Are Working

GBBR, in cooperation with the Maryland REALTORS® association, launched a Call to Action urging agents to contact their elected officials to OPPOSE HB 1628 Sales and Use Tax on Services, which would have installed a 6% tax on real estate services. Thanks to the mobilization of our Members’ response, the bill was defeated, preventing the damage of home buying affordability for thousands of Maryland residents, and protecting the success of GBBR Members’ business.

At the onset of the Covid‐19 pandemic and quarantine, GBBR immediately advocated to protect your livelihood, by working with the Governor’s office to have the provision of real estate services deemed essential in Maryland.  Because our brokerages were permitted to continue to conduct business (unlike in some of our neighboring states) our members were able to continue working and take early advantage of what grew to be the best market numbers in 20 years, for the remainder of 2020.