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Changes to HUD’s Definition of Service Animal

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Changes to HUD's Definition of Service Animal For some persons with disabilities, an assistance animal may be necessary to afford them equal housing opportunity. HUD has narrowed the definition of a service animal under the ADA guidelines. The basics – a Service Animal can only be a dog and must [...]

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Fair Housing Report – Undercover Investigation

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Fair Housing Report - Undercover Investigation Newsday has removed its paywall to allow everyone access to this groundbreaking and essential investigative project. This project was reported by Ann Choi, Bill Dedman, Keith Herbert and Olivia Winslow and edited by Arthur Browne. Data analysis by Choi. Strategic planning and methodology [...]

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You Are Not Being Replaced By AI

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You Are Not Being Replaced By AI From chat bots that talk to your clients on your behalf to voice technology that can guide you through your workday, artificial intelligence is changing the way real estate professionals work. Speakers at the Emerging Business Issues & Technology Forum on Thursday [...]

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Is it Legal to Record Audio or Video In Maryland without Consent?

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Is it Legal to Record Audio or Video In Maryland without Consent? As technology develops and security systems, including newer video doorbells, become capable of recording audio and visual interactions between agents and customers, members are increasingly inquiring into the legality of such recordings. It is legal in Maryland [...]

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GBBR Professional Development Enhancement Classes for Spring 2019

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GBBR Professional Development Enhancement Classes for Spring 2019 Learn about the various professional enhancement courses that GBBR will be offering this spring, including ABR and it's required elective, At Home with Diversity Certification and GRI. GBBR's 2019 Education Committee Vice Chair, Brenda Kasuva will explain what they are (here) and [...]

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NAR Code of Ethics: Pathways to Professionalism

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Code of Ethics Pathways to Professionalism While the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association establishes objective, enforceable ethical standards governing the professional conduct of REALTORS®, it does not address issues of courtesy or etiquette. Based on input from many sources, the Professional Conduct Working [...]

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Personal Safety Tips for Real Estate Professionals

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Personal Safety Tips for Real Estate Professionals This new video, published by NAR’s REALTOR® Safety Program, highlights safety protocols that all REALTORS® should implement into their daily routine and follow with every client, every day, every time. Watch the video and be sure to share it with your fellow [...]

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MREC Advertising Checklist

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MREC Advertising Checklist All advertisements to be placed by or on behalf of a real estate licensee should be submitted to the broker, office manager, or the broker- manager's designee for compliance review prior to release. If the advertisement has been created for a member of-- or on behalf [...]

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Global Business Dialogues and Negotiations

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In a competitive market, it is no longer a luxury or fad for corporations to become a part of international community. More than ever before, organizations are expanding their operations and marketing activities beyond national boundaries. Contract manufacturing, reaching out to more suitable investors, and realizing economies of scale are a [...]

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Getting Started as a New Agent

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By Melissa Evans, REALTOR, ABR, SRS, PSA Welcome to an exciting career! It can take some time and effort to get started as a new agent, but once you’ve built up your business, you’ll enjoy the flexibility and rewards of life as a REALTOR. Now that you’ve completed your [...]

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Do you want to delight your customers and close more transactions?

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By Deizshel Setzer The key to any great relationship is being reliable and dependable. Theere are not many things in life that are certain.  There are somethings that should never waiver -trust, honesty and integrity.  I am uniquely different as my inbreed heritage realizes that exceptional service is a requirement.  [...]

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Ready to buy a home that needs some tender loving care?

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By Deizshel Setzer For years many have overlooked a federal program that requires a little sweat equity to make their dream home a reality.  The FHA 203k program.  This programs allows buyers to remodel, revamp and update the home to their specific design.  It will transition an ugly swan [...]

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