Fair Housing Report – Undercover Investigation

Newsday has removed its paywall to allow everyone access to this groundbreaking and essential investigative project.

This project was reported by Ann Choi, Bill Dedman, Keith Herbert and Olivia Winslow and edited by Arthur Browne. Data analysis by Choi. Strategic planning and methodology by Dedman.

Published: Nov. 17, 2019.

Long Island Divided

In one of the most concentrated investigations of discrimination by real estate agents in the half century since enactment of America’s landmark fair housing law, Newsday found evidence of widespread separate and unequal treatment of minority potential homebuyers and minority communities on Long Island.

The three-year probe strongly indicates that house hunting in one of the nation’s most segregated suburbs poses substantial risks of discrimination, with black buyers chancing disadvantages almost half the time they enlist brokers.

Additionally, the investigation reveals that Long Island’s dominant residential brokering firms help solidify racial separations. They frequently directed white customers toward areas with the highest white representations and minority buyers to more integrated neighborhoods.

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