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  • This is part 8 of a multipart series on wood destroying insect inspections performed for the sale of real estate in Maryland. Other parts can be viewed by visiting our web site at atlasexterminator.com and click on the blog tab.
    How to select a top notch Wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspector for your next sale
    Finding the right “termite inspector” should be easy, right?  But shouldn’t your client get the best inspector available just as they chose you as the best agent for them?

    So, what should you look for in selecting, or helping your client select, the best inspector?

    A)   Tenure:  How long has the person been doing WDI inspections and how many have they performed. There are inspectors available that have successfully completed literally 10’s of thousands of inspections. Experience is important.

    B)   Certification:  While not required by the State of Maryland, Certification in Wood-destroying insects is offered by the MDA. This should be considered only as a baseline of verifiable training.

    C)   Credentialing: The Maryland State Pest Control Association offers an extensive training and testing program for WDI inspectors. Completion of the program and the awarding of the credential means the individual has verifiable training in all WDI identification, and has pledged to adhere to a published set of guidelines regarding the performance of inspections, reporting (including the completion of the MD1 form), and making proper recommendations when appropriate.

    D)   E&O insurance: Not required for inspectors in Maryland so this is something you need to check on for sure….otherwise you and your insurance could become the target in the event of a claim.

    E)   Pricing: Unrealistically low pricing should be a red flag that the company’s losses will be made up somewhere else. Recommendations to treat homes not needing treatment is usually how that occurs. This is not only a poor business model but it can cause undue disruption in your sale and additional tension between the buyer and seller. (You can find information regarding when it is proper to recommend treatment on our blog at AtlasExterminator.com)

    F)  Warranty: This is much harder to find since the Maryland MD1 form specifically states that it is NOT a warranty or guarantee. Warranties are customary when a treatment is being performed but not so when just an inspection is being done.  Atlas Exterminator will be including a one year warranty, at no additional charge, on all qualifying properties as of November 1, 2018.  This provides additional protection for buyer, seller and agents.

    G)   Convenience: Does the company have Sentrilock cards? Online ordering? Can they come during the home inspection? Are the reports emailed in PDF format shortly after the inspection for easy distribution? Are the reports easy to understand? Does the office staff know how to communicate effectively with all the parties in the transaction? Do they handle the payment directly with the responsible party? Does the inspector have extensive knowledge of the contract clause, the MDA regulations, and the MSPCA guidelines so that he can communicate effectively?

    H)   Does the company belong to GBBR and support agents with educational opportunities?

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