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    I recently had a listing where there were 10 showings in a 2 day period. The house was vacant and in pristine condition. I went over to the house to check on it today and what a disappointment. Blinds that were in perfect order were half opened, slats spread open like someone looked through them, toilet seats left up, chairs on the front porch moved, air conditioner turned way down, kitchen cabinet doors left open. What a disappointment. Is there any wonder that people have no respect for Realtors. I have been licensed since 1975. When I show a house, I leave it so it looks like no one was ever there. If your client “messes up”the blinds – fix them. If they use the bathroom go behind them and make sure it’s left the way it was before you got there. Whether a house is vacant or occupied IT IS SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE – NOT YOURS. Have the courtesy to leave it exactly the way you found it. Sorry but this really ticked me off……

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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